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Reise nach Amazonas - Brasilien

Invitation for traditional Varinawa Festival.


From the 8th until 12th August we are going to visit the festivities of the Noke Koi (Varinawa) people in the Amazonian forest, at Acre state, in Brazil.


There will be celebration with traditional music, body painting to get natural protection, typical food,  personal rituals with the pajés(shamans), traditional medicine ritual of Ayahuasca, rapé, sananga, Kambo, bath with medicinal herbs, and many other activities in the jungle.


Be our guest in this life-changing journey!


 We will offer you translation, transport from airport to hotel and from hotel to the village and back to the city. Organising our staying in the city of Rio Branco, as well as showing the city and visiting different Ayahuasca traditional centers during our staying in the city.

Vari variiii!




Ticket flight - you should book your own ticket. Recommendation: from 4. August till 16. or 17. August.

Festival Cost: 800 euro. It includes Food all days, Taking part in all rituals.

Other costs: Around: 400 euro - Staying in hotel in the city of Rio Branco, food and transportations for the 3 to 4 days.

For further Informations and registering, please send me a message:


or per whastapp:


+49 176 26 56 28 48

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